ANA B747-400/400D Livery Request

Well, well, well.

Obviously not biased with ANA, but I realized that the ANA B747-400 is not available in game and there are no feature requests.

All Nippon Airways is the largest airline in Japan, carrying more passengers around Japan through their mainline company and their subsidiaries in Peach Aviation, Air Japan, Air Do, Starflyer, and so on. It is one of the few 5 star airlines in the world.

Now, the ANA B747-400 was retired a few years back, but I really love the livery on the plane. I’d love to fly it in Infinite Flight.

Airplane Pictures: @Roberto Falciola copyright

Wouldn’t you like to fly this beauty? :)

ANA needs more liveries and the 747 definitely needs more attention, especially since many airlines have started to retire it.

ANA also has the 747-400D. This is a domestic 747 without winglets.

Please vote for this! Thank you so much!

Surprised this didn’t exist already. I’m out of votes but that is a great livery that I’d love to see, retired or not.


It was retired years ago - that’s probably the reason…


But a huge airline, on the Queen of the Skies…


Would this request be for the regular long range 747-400 or would it be the 747-400D because that is what the picture is.


747-400, let me switch the picture.


And I forgot:

If you all want the livery in-game for more routes, hope you vote!

@Tsumia, you technically could remove your vote from the A220. It already has around 600 or so votes, and I think it will quickly be implemented into Infinite Flight as well.


Excuse me but…

Why would I cheat on the A220?


Well, I’m just saying @Tsumia, because the A220 already has almost half the number of votes as the A350. I think IF will create it soon enough.

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Every vote counts. We can decide between them, but for now I wouldn’t vote for any 747 aircraft, until a rework is confirmed or possible to start another rework/addition of an aircraft.


Either way, I won’t cheat on the A220 cause I love her very much.


Even if it isn’t the A220, you could see your votes and see where more people are voting. For me, I had removed the A350 vote, because I knew it was going to be implemented in the game very quickly.

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Let me just make this clear. He has more important votes to himself personally. When people say this it doesn’t generally mean ‘oh yes I’ll put a vote to it’ it usually means ‘nice request, not worth my vote but it would be cool to see’

Almost ‘pressuring’ users to vote won’t help.


Exactly. I want other things a little bit more.

Let’s get on topic now. This is unnecessary.


@Ecoops123, I’m not pushing him. I’m just saying that he has voted for planes that have higher chances of certainty of being added to the game.

If he doesn’t want to vote, yeah, that’s his choice. But it never hurts to let others know that there could be a chance to vote for a livery that they like.

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There could be a chance, but they prefer their current votes. Let’s leave it at that. We all have a ‘Right to free elections’ every vote counts, even if it does have 600+. 🙂

Votes build over time.


@Ecoops123, look:

Sure, they can vote for a topic with 600+ votes, but I’m just suggesting something to him. Plus, I was anyways asking @Tsumia, not you. If he wants to vote, he will, and if he doesn’t, he won’t.

I don’t really understand why you got bothered with it.

Back to topic


Let’s just end this scuffle at this: I’m not gonna vote simply because I don’t have any spare. We absolutely need more Japanese liveries and I’m event making a JAL 744 thread as we speak. I don’t want you or myself to get a telling off.


As simple as that, thanks anyways @Tsumia :)


The argument/lit up discussion served its purpose, let’s now move along, or the feature will be closed like we’ve seen In previous topics.

Now @ran I’ve always been a fan of the ANA livery on the 747! Could you explain as to why this 747 doesn’t have the traditional -400 winglets please?