ANA B737-800 "Tohoku Flower Jet"

Tohoku Flower Jet Livery, JA85AN

Credit- Muroi 8210; File:All Nippon Airways Boeing 737-800 (JA85AN) at Chubu International Airport.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

About All Nippon Airways:
All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the largest airline in Japan and serves multiple domestic and international airports around the world. With multiple subsidiaries such as Peach aviation and ANA Wings, the fleet of the ANA Group ranges from the small Dash-8 Q400 to the mighty B777-200F. All Nippon Airways is also widely known for their special liveries, most notably the Pokémon and Star Wars jets.

About the Tohoku Flower Jet
On March 11th 2011, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake lead to one of the deadliest tsunamis in the world causing the death of over 15,000 people, and severely impacting the lives of countless others even still to this day. In 2016, ANA employees wanted to commemorate and portray the resilience of the Tohoku people, so a B737-800 aircraft was painted with this special livery. The livery contains beautiful flowers from all 6 prefectures of the Tohoku region. If you want to learn more, go ahead and visit this interesting article: Why Does ANA Have A Special "Tohoku Flower Jet" Livery?

Why should we have this livery?
Just starting off aesthetically, this livery is simply amazing and it doesn’t take much effort to see why. The wide variety of flowers and the ANA Colors just match so well, it’s truly a prefect fit for the B738 aircraft. On that note there currently is no ANA B738 livery in the game, and with nearly 40 of these aircraft in the ANA fleet IRL, this aircraft is essential for connecting passengers domestically throughout Japan. The recently announced ANA B77W is sure to bring attention to Japan and All Nippon Airways as a whole, so why not add this as an option for pilots to fly? Furthermore unlike the other ANA special liveries such as the Star Wars jets, ANA has no plans of repainting this livery in order to continue to commemorate the 2011 disaster.

Where does the Tohoku Flower Jet fly?
Even through the Coronavirus Pandemic JA85AN could be found flying in the skies. It also operates a very diverse schedule, meaning that it is highly realistic to fly any route operated with an ANA B737-800. If you want to see where it’s flying to right now, go ahead and check out this link!

Thank you for reading through this feature request for this livery. If you have a spare vote please do consider voting, as I do believe it would be a very positive addition into the Infinite Flight Fleet. If you are unable to vote at this time, please do share support, and eventually we may be able to get this added into the sim!


I might free a vote for this

edit: I have


👀‼️ Thanks for the support @Ethan_Lee1




Hey I chose to vote for this because for one the Artistry is absolutely astonishing, plus the plot behind why it was created I think it would be a amazing aircraft to fly


I currently have most of my votes on A330s I want added for 21.1, so I can try freeing a vote for this eventually.

However, I fully support this livery. Not only would any ANA B737-800 be such an amazing, crucial addition to the fleet, but the extra part of this particular livery makes it even more beautiful.
This livery would bring so much awareness about remembering the tragic March 11, 2011 day and the thousands of people that lost their lives, and thousands more injured or still don’t have a home to this day, 10 years later. ANA’s support for the 2011 Tohoku earthquake is truly amazing.

If any ANA B738 is added to Infinite Flight, it should be this one because it spreads an amazing message about Japan’s history in addition to the paint job’s pure beauty.

As for ANA B738s in general, it would make a huge addition to the Infinite Flight fleet because the only aircraft available to substitute for all of ANA’s short haul – B737, B738, A320, A321, A20N, A21N – is the A321. Don’t want to get too off-topic of the discussion here, but even the A321 livery is outdated.

So overall, and for the reasons I mentioned above, I think ANA short haul needs some enlightenment, and this aircraft addition would do way more than that.


It’s been around 24h since this topic was posted and there’s already a solid 6 votes! If you want to see this livery please do try to spare a vote, thanks!

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Got my vote! Livery is very much needed and would look great in game


Got my vote! great livery. Go japan!


This looks cool. 🙂

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Wow! This is such a beautiful livery! Would love to fly around Japan in this! :)

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@Infinite_Ec @Adrian_K Thanks for the vote!

@CJLAviation Thanks for the support!

12 votes in 9 days is amazing so far, if you ever find that you have a spare vote be sure to consider voting for this 😀


Np. We do need the ANA 737. But it is better with a kick of a livery

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12 votes, 12 posts!

now it’s 13 posts :(

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Thanks for all the votes people, we are slowly but surely climbing up the list!

Just a little bump, please do consider voting for this amazing plane!

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Perfect flowery aircraft, especially with spring already underway around the world 😂

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