ANA and Cathay Pacific at Anchorage?

So I was watching some old Anchorage spotting vids and found these:

All credit goes to: dewayne brantley (ANA) and JustPlanes (Cathay Pacific)
I’m confused, these are the only videos on the internet of these planes at PANC. There is one photo, on the internet, of an ANA 767 at Anchorage but none of the Cathay. Did these airlines used to do regular service to PANC or what?


They still do cargo service, but not sure about passenger service.


Its seasonal for some carriers


I’m talking about that

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I looked up both of the airlines destinations and none of them have pax service to PANC


Oh yeah heres the links to the vids (Cathay Pacific @0:10) (ANA @2:25)

I’ve seen a China Airlines A340-300 fly to ANC a few months ago, so it’s entirely possible that they used to operate there.

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ANA and Cathay Pacific alongside some Asian Airlines did make a stop in order to reach North America. Before end of 1980s, there were no aircrafts that were capable to fly between Asia and North America without a stop and also due to restricted airspace in Soviet and China which made their journey took longer. Hence why cities like Anchorage or Honolulu were choosen as the perfect location for stopover before continuing to their destinations in N. America

Nowadays, many Asian airlines are no longer flying passenger services to Anchorage as newer aircrafts are making nonstop journey between two continents possible. Cathay Pacific and ANA are no longer operating passenger services to Anchorage as far as I’m aware. But they still do operate Cargo services

Edit : As Danman said below, Cathay Pacific and ANA do operate a route with a stopover via PANC due to their aircraft limited capability in order to reach KJFK


Thanks for the answer :D Devs pls close this now

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What you saw there was a Cathay Pacific A340-300, most likely making a journey between New York and Hong Kong.

CX used to offer two one-stop options from HKG to JFK, one or two flight daily will stop in ANC for a F1-style 70-minute pit stop for fuel and crew, one additional flight stopped in YVR for fifth-freedom passengers in addition to gas and crew. The ANC stop was discontinued when CX leased several A340-600 to eliminate the stop. The YVR flight is still going strong (CX888/889) as a complement to the plethora of non-stop flights; they’re all operated by the 777-300ER.

It is also possible that the A340-300 was making a flight from YYZ to HKG. This flight does not allow for a crew change due to post-9/11 rule changes. So the plane does a lightning gas-and-go to satisfy crew rest requirements. The speed of the turnaround is quite literally limited by how fast 11 hours of fuel can be pumped into the aircraft, once the fueling hatch is closed, it’s off to the races.

The same idea applies to the NH 767, probably coming from JFK and the plane probably doesn’t have the legs to make it to NRT in one segment. With the flight time being significantly shorter, I would imagine this would be a gas-and-go for NH without a change of crew and less time pressure.

Cargo aircraft still operate into ANC in order to maximize payload capacity. They can make it across the pond, but they would be giving up several tonnes of cargo if they went non-stop.


Thanks! Btw is the ana a 767-200 or -300??

They do indeed operate cargo flights daily into PANC but no passenger flights. See them land almost everyday
Edit here’s a Cathay 748 right now in anchorage IMG_2778


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