ANA airbus A380, "La the turtle livery"

This beautiful plane was the third A380 to be painted like this. The lovely turtle’s name is La. There is another request for Lani the turtle, but not La the turtle.


Would love to see this beautiful plane flying in the IF skies.

If there is a La the turtle request then you can close it, i couldn’t find one though

This is not a duplicate it’s a different livery


I meannnnn… it technically IS the same livery, but in a different color :p

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It kinda is but he said that this was a duplicate

I was surprised this was not requested before. I wish we could receive all three liveries for the ANA’s beautiful A380’s! ❤️🇯🇵

Here is a stunning video I have found recorded by CargoSpotter- Youtube.

I do not have enough votes left, but I am supporting this livery. I believe I really like the orange colour, different from the other two.

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why does this beautiful livery still have no votes…✈👀

Because most of us ANA voters have put our votes to the 77W (most-voted livery in IF) or 787-8/9s. I’m sure we’ll get our votes on the A388s soon, although it may not matter since A388 rework anyways will only need to add China Southern & ANA A388s in-game (and they can remove Transaero + Air Austral to make space for that).


Definitely need this! Probably not going to last long though since Japanese government wanting form Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways into one big airline and probably never going to have the chance of flying Tokyo Narita to Honolulu route, RIP. Better add this while it exists!

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Where exactly did you read this? The last time such a thing came in the news was back in November, no news ever since. Plus, that article was only a suggestion, the government hasn’t seemingly followed through on that.

ANA will probably remain a separate entity. As for the A380s, they’ll either figure out a way to make NRT-HNL work, or they’ll put it on another route. Worst case is that they’ll have to phase them out, but they don’t seem to have plans to do that yet.

Well there hasn’t been any decision made yet on that but probably likely gonna happen considering there both struggling and not both will be able to get government aid.

Here one article back November 2020:

Key timestamp: November 2020.

I still don’t think it’ll merge… it would be a huge monopoly in Japan, similar to what Asiana & Korean Air are doing in South Korea. Neither are in as dire situations as Asiana, which was already facing lots of problem pre-covid.

You maybe right about no merger but there’s always that possibility. But on the other hand they both ANA and Japan have lots of debt, one would have to suggest. You never know.

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Actually the full name of the turtle is Ka La.
Sorry, I meant A380.

Do you want to fly with this aircraft?

Yes. We need it! One of the most beautiful liveries of all time.

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You are 100% right. I want to fly with this aircraft too!

Bit of a necropost… but it’s flying!


I love this little turtle…

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Special livery