ANA A380 Parts Arrive I Reviving the Program

Source: Airbus’s Facebook Page

The structural sections of ANA’s first Airbus A380 have arrived at Airbus assembly plant in Toulouse, France. The final assembly is scheduled to begin in April this year and be delivered to ANA in 2019. The airplane will be powered by four Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines and enter into revenue services between Tokyo and Honolulu.

Japan’s All Nippon Airways placed a firm order for three A380s in 2016, which are scheduled to be delivered in March, June and September 2019.

The ANA’s A380s will feature a special “Honu” Hawaiian green sea turtle livery, symbolizing good luck and prosperity.
Today 222 A380s are operated by 13 Airlines on 60 destinations .


I’m excited to see the A380 heading to ANA’s fleet. I like the livery as well! Hopefully more orders come and we can see a lengthened life on the program.


A marvelous livery indeed.


Can’t wait to see the beast flying for ANA!

I don’t think it’s reviving the program, Airbus is just producing the orders they haven’t delivered. It’s expected to last till the early 2020s.

I don’t know why ANA hasn’t included LAX in their A380 itinerary considering the large Asian population in SoCal. Hawaii is an excellent choice either way.

What a pretty livery! I’d love to sometime see it in real life if it goes to KSFO

They’re using it for the Hawaiian routes like @Kiz said

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No, ME, seeing THE PLANE, in real life

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