ANA A380 Livery Competition Winner

Today ANA announced its livery for the A380! The livery came about from a open design competition from 2000 applicants. It will be painted on their first A380 which is due for 2019!




I first thought it was a whale, then I realized it was turtles. Cool


It Looked like a combination of sea whale and sea turtle imho…

Maybe we thought it’s a whale judging by statements saying that A380 is similar to a whale 😂

You can feel that “Kawaii” and some Japanese feels when you see the image

I’m sure Japanese fans would love this

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Lmao looks funny 😂 But looks nice tough 👍🏻

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At least it looks better than the Pokémon livery right?


Omg I love that livery. People should reqeust this in the feature section!

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No people should not


I do agree. It’s too early. I’d request it when it comes out of the paint hangar

Already happened.

This is nice, but the Star Wars Liveries are better. Probably because this is on an A380, and those on a 777.

Explain why we have the 787-10 then with a list of liveries that haven’t even been painted ;)

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Gotta love ANA - they sure are creative with their special liveries.

Wait ANA ordered the A380!

Not a fan… nice that ANA ordered A380s though!

I said “I’d request it” which implies my personal opinion. Feel free to do whatever you guys want, but I personally wouldn’t request it right now. I’m a freak for realism.

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Star Wars liveries probably won’t make it in due to licensing.


I did not know ANA was ordering these, cool! The livery is kind of funny because it loooks like a whale hahaha.

I’m shocked ANA was buying the A380, that livery looks cool (like all of there liveries)


At first I couldn’t even see the windows and cockpit of the plane properly. I bet from a distance, you won’t even know if it’s a plane or the sky! 😛

Wow I never knew ANA was getting A380s! This will be great for them. I don’t really like the livery. The whale just got a whole lot more noticeable with this livery.

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The even more interesting thing is that Honolulu currently serves 0 (zero) A380’s. That means taxiways, gates etc. are going to have to be modified or built to accommodate the behemoth.

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