ANA A380 | "Kai the Turtle" Livery


This is one of ANA’S A380s that gk from Tokyo to Honolulu, Kai is the light blue sea turtle that represents the blue Hawaiian sea. It is an amazing livery that should be in IF because of the greatness it has.

It would make the trip between Japan and Hawaii, much more realistic than the generic A380.

I appreciate you taking this into consideration

Please consider voting

I checked many times and I coukd not find any duplicates for this one

Sam Chui flyed this, this would look great!


Yes it would!

No votes left but it surprises me that there isn’t a lot of votes on this


Yeah, these ANA A380 liveries are absolute “fire”… and I never talk like that. I like this one especially - anything green is my jam.

I love them. I will try to free up a vote also.


I love this livery,voted and has my full support!

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Sam Chui actually flew on Lani, who is the blue Honu. But yes, it would look great!

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I like all 3 And I want all three in infinite flight but the orange one is my favorite


A little bump

So a little bump for a big turtle

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I would really love to see this in IF