ANA 787-9 Replacement

There’ve been countless times where I’ve been looking to fly a route out of Japan and found the perfect one-- except that the route is operated by an ANA 787-8 or -9. Yes, the -10 has an ANA livery, but for now, she’s only (mainly) on the Tokyo-Manila run.

What are y’all’s favorite replacements for a route that is operated IRL by the ANA 787 -8/-9?

JSC Aviation

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For those routes I sometimes just use the Generic livery, but if you really want to fly on the ANA livery you can try using the 78X, or 77W.

Btw, the ANA 787-9 is coming to the app! So you’ll get to fly it in the near future :)

also for domestic routes that use the 787s, you can use the 777-200ER or A321 too!

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Yeah same.

Wait, it is?? Man, I need to pay more attention to development!

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Yep!! Check the bottom of this topic 😉

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Yes, it is.

Can’t wait to see this beautiful livery coming to IF !!

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