ANA 787-8 (787 Livery)

ANA Boeing 787-8 (787 Livery)

About ANA
All Nippon Airways is the largest airline in Japan by revenue and passenger numbers. ANA is part of the Star Alliance. ANA has two major hubs in Narita Airport and Haneda Airport. ANA’s domestic routes expand all around Japan and its International routes extend to China, Southeast Asia, the US, Canada, Mexico and Western Europe.

787 Livery

The ANA 787 Livery (2011) was created as a celebration of the first customer receiving the 787 Dreamliner from Boeing. It marked in aviation history.

In my opinion
I definitely think we need this livery, as it was a part of Aviation history - receiving the 787 Dreamliner.
It was really well thought, and beyond comparable to the other 787 Dreamliner liveries.

I love ANAs livery and I use the 787 a lot, but we already have the ANA 787-10, and for that reason


@ran this feature might be for you tho


We need the small boi, 787-8.

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there’s a lot of new liveries that need to be in the game especially on the 788.

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I know, this is one of them.

the biggest operator of the 787 deserves its place ^_^

fast forward to 2021 the 78X is more like a sitting duck the 788 & 789 are the Actual work horse for both domestic & long haul routes of which we are missing both

This aircraft is really needed with the 787-9 for ANA bcs it flies to many destinations around the world!

Definitely Needed!


I think I need the ANA color of the B787-8. Because ANA is the launch customer of the B787-8 and the first commercial flight in the world.

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I love the 787-8 and ANA is totally missing!


With the announced changes to the feature request category, this feature no longer meets the following criteria:

  • Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries (such as for events or raising awareness). Avoiding these often complex designs (e.g. AeroMexico “Quetzalcóatl” on the B787-9) will ensure that our primary focus is on representing as many airlines as possible in-app

Due to this, this feature request has been closed and all votes returned to their users so that they can be used to vote on other features they would like to see in-app. For more information on what is permitted, please visit the About the Features Category.