ANA 737-800 livery

This aircraft has such an important role in ANA’s domestic operations. ANA owns 39 of them, which is #1 in the entire fleet, tied with the 787-9 (which is coming in the app!)

We kind of missed the chance to get this livery with the 737 rework a while ago but hope we can get this in the near future


I love this livery so much. I wish this aircraft will come very soon as I’ve flown it so many times in irl

I’d love to see this come to the simulator soon, especially being the second most voted B738 livery, only behind Air China. With the constant addition of new Japanese 3D airports, let’s get this in the sim!


Voted! Hope it comes soon!

Today’s ATC schedule is based around Japan, yet we lack many of the regional routes that could be flown by the ANA 737-800. Let’s get this added to fill in the gaps!