ANA 737-800 livery

ANA has about 40 of these aircraft in their fleet, far more than any of their airbus aircraft. This is such an important aircraft for ANA, it would really be nice to see this added in the near future!


Since multiple ANA liveries have gotten a push recently I figured this one should be bumped again!
Currently there are 39 of these aircraft in the ANA fleet, far more then the A320 family. Having this aircraft would unlock loads of routes, many of which aren’t through Tokyo, but rather RJCC, RJGG, and ROAH.
If you ever have a spare vote, do consider using it on this amazing livery!


I’d love to see this added to IF. Rooting for the 77W, 744, and 738 for ANA to be added, or at least any combination or selection of the 3. Would definitely open up flyability to smaller airports around Japan which are fun to explore when flying around the Japanese islands.


We got the 77W now lets vote for this. Come on!!!

Very fitting for some domestic flights in Japan after enjoying the olympic games in Tokyo. I hope that it will be added :)


little teeny tiny bump

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