AN225 in Ireland!

The AN225 just landed into Shannon airport in Ireland (EINN) from Baku an hour ago today. It was originally scheduled to land 22 hours beforehand however it was delayed at Almaty airport (UAAA) due to technical difficulties but it arrived eventually with no problems. And it buttered the bread too!

Too see the landing click here

Hope you enjoyed πŸ™‚ I know I certainly did!


Every time I see photos of the 225 those big olympic drums start playing in my head.


@anon79257371 haha!

Great spot @Ryan_Gibb :)


Haha thanks @Luke_King-kong πŸ™‚

I saw another user post this too. How many people were there?

I’d guess about 200 people. Don’t worry we maintained social distancing πŸ™‚ Cases in Ireland are also very low. Just nine new cases yesterday.

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Nice pictures Ryan:D

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You predicted what I was going to askπŸ˜‚

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Nice shots I was there as well it’s so cool to see it in person :)


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