An uploading error

This is a little problem I found when browsing through the IFC. When I reply to someone, I often add a small picture when replying or making a topic. But that doesn’t happen all the time. Every time it doesn’t happen I can’t browse through my photos and upload it. Instead it shows that I have “no photos or videos” when I have thousands in my Photo library. I have an Apple iPad Air 1. Works perfectly, fully updated. I already have a few possibilities in my mind on why this could happen. Anyone could help me with that! Thanks!

Hey, moved this to #meta for you, as #support is for in game issues.
Re your problem, it could be either a discourse issue, or your internet connection. Is it solid?

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My internet is good, but I’m not sure which topic is it, Support or Meta? I thought support was not only for the game? I could be wrong. I hope you are right ;)

My internet is very fast, 100Mbps 20Mbps up

I sincerely hope I am right lol

I personally have the same issue as you sometimes when on the IFC on my iPad pro. It could just be the fact that IFC (well, Discourse) is a bit iffy with Safari on iPad.

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Yeah, the problem is that I can’t have any other internet than safari. That’s the only device i have and yeah…

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This always happens to me on my iPad Pro, I wish discourse would fix this


Did you press “allow” for photos access?

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Personally I do have it on.

Well I’m pretty sure I did. I uploaded here in this website/IFC many times already. It’s just a problem where it sometimes happen

Maybe try using discourse.

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Yes, I would suggest downloading the Discourse app for iOS, haven’t had any issues.

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Just a wild guess;

You’re in “Desktop”-view… Try changing to “Mobile”.
It’s just a guess based on the fact that it’s trying to look in a place that isn’t accessible on an iOS device (root folder).

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Personally does not work for me in either view.

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Does your safari have access to your photos and videos?

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Thank you for the replies, sorry for the late response I was out and sleeping for the few hours.

Yes, it does

I’ll check it out, hopefully this would work better.

I am not sure what discourse is, but I’ll check it out and maybe this would work better.

Discourse is the forum host that provides IFC, and many other communities

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