An update on my huge Infinite Flight world tour

I am embarking on a huge world tour throughout the Infinite Flight skies, visiting one or more airports on each of the 6 inhabitable continents. If you saw my post about visiting KAPN, I left a subtle hint about my world tour. This is purely an update on the progress of my world tour.

My world tour is being conducted on the Expert Server

My world tour kicked off from CLT/KCLT, or Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

My most recent flight of my world tour concluded at roughly 0217Z (9:17 EST)

This shows the path I will be taking (waypoints not included bc Google Earth) throughout the USA portion of my world tour.

Now, to the point of the post. Through 12 out of 102 legs, I’ve carried 1,982 passengers, travelled 2,735 nautical miles, used 8 different aircraft types and burned 108,490lbs of fuel. (I most recently landed at KBNA)


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