An Unconventional but Enjoyable Flight

So I started my livestream thread and unfortunately my internet was being a pain so I had to stop streaming, and I said “I’ll put some photos up later on today,” so that’s what I’m doing. Enjoy!

This was one of my longest flights yet, and the longest in the A350. Realism police will be out for me once I say I did NZAA-KMCO but I used the Carbon Factory livery because there isn’t an A350ACJ.

NZAA-KMCO / Airbus A350-900 / Expert / 15hrs 34mins

A mid-day departure out of Auckland

Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean

Another shot of the sunrise, capturing the beauty of the A350

Hello Mexico!

What a beauty, both the A350 and Mexico!

Bye bye, Mexico!

Cruising over the Gulf of Mexico

Approach into Orlando

Airport is definitely in sight

And a safe landing in the Sunshine State!

Thanks for viewing and let me know your favorite shot in the poll below!

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Have a great rest of your day!


lmao you could’ve flown a realistic route that’s the same length and also lands at MCO, DXB-MCO

But nice shots

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I’ve never been to New Zealand in the sim so I thought it was time for something new.

But thanks :)

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Great pictures of a very unusual route! Thanks for sharing!

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My pleasure!

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