An uncommon flight, yet amazing

”this is my first time doing this, please don’t be hard on me :)”

Today I was looking at 6 hours flight to Madrid because of the FNF. Then I encountered this flight : a Ceiba Intercontinental flight from Malabo (Equatorial Guinea) to Madrid. The flight is either operated by a B77L or by a 737-800.
This flight was specially cool because it was Ceiba, which is quite unknown and is also blacklisted from most European airspace ahaha.
The flight number is C2500 (FGSL-LEMD)

This flight happened today, on Expert Server and lasted 6 hours.

Flight preparations in the small airport of Equatorial Guinea’s capital

And we’re off ! The 777 especially lightly loaded is a beast”

This island is really gorgeous, you should go check it out!


Cruising over the Algerian desert at FL380

And after a bit of holding
We were ready to land… but do you see that TBM still on the runway (@Levet), yeah… I went around*

And after a while holding again we made it with a smooth landing !

Caballeros y caballeras, bienvenidos en Madrid


Great shots! Equatorial Guinea is one beautiful country!

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It indeed is, discovered it with this flight. Africa should be more present in events, from what I’ve seen it’s gorgeous !
Thanks for the compliment


Really nice! I didn’t even know that that livery existed!


Didn’t take it for a ride since the B777-200LR was added to IF, and it was a REALLY long time ago

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Great photos, and I never knew that livery was in IF, it looks really cool!


Thanks ! Aha I think that is the case for a lot of users


Sorry dude, I was behind an A350 that was flying a bit slow so I was trying to maintain 3nm separation from that pilot. I held a good speed until I had to dump Landing Flaps. Hope you enjoyed your flight besides this inconvenience. Happy flying 😊

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ahaha no worries at all ! isn’t a go-around an excuse to fly a bit longer nevertheless ? Happy flying

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