An Ultralight is Light, but a Zippo is a Little Lighter


Europe is on earth. France is in Europe. Saint Clar is in France. An Ultralight base is in Saint Clar. And in this base there are ultralights. Inside the ultralights, you can find me!

The ultralight

Some instruments

A nice view!

Your classic French Village

Yeah they aren’t fast

Oklahoma but better

Did you know that the prop on this ultralight spins? It allows the plane to move forward!

✨ turns ✨

Low flying

A nice 🌳 line

Ultralights are fun and a great learning experience! They allow you to work on flying a cessna and a glider at the same time as thermals greatly influence them!

All photos here, no matter how bad, are property of me and if you use them you will get an ultralight with an angry frenchie at your front door.

Have a great day!



best caption ever :):)

Amazing pics dude, looks absolutely beautiful !

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Uhh, that looks like a GE90, not a prop 🧐

Nice photos!


I liked all of them but the 1st one and the French Village pictures were REALLY NICE!

Wow literally one of the best pics I have ever seen in my life 😍😍😍
Thus looks so good! The village and the fields around in a warm look 😍 wow!

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Oooo shiny

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Why amazing technology you’re working with over in France. Maybe someday it’ll reach the US, because I’d love to try it…

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