An Overnight Flyer - VHHH-YSSY

G’day all I should inherit this

I recently flew on an A350-900 from Hong Kong, to Sydney with Cathay Pacific. I flew this flight so I could get used to the Hong Kong Airport for my flyout. Also because these topics are inspiring me. I’ll probably edit these better and more smoothly as I go on, there are a lot of great photo editors here, and I’m not one of them 😂. Enjoy! These photos were taken in the real time of the flight.

Waiting at my gate, before departure with a A330-300 behind me

Departing out of Hong Kong. There was a fair bit of traffic on ground that I couldn’t get viewable.

I passed over Manila after climbing to around 39,000ft

Passing Cebu, after flying out of the airport recently, noticing that the airport is in need of an update.

Arriving into Sydney, I got vectored in to land at 34R, with some great views from my wing

Looking at the detail in the gear tilt, I first off noticed a seemingly nice approach with a Qantas 737…

That touchdown was pretty hilarious… It distracted me a lot whilst I was a mile out.

Can’t think of too much to say for this…

My landing was fairly rough because I got distracted by the Qantas 737, and was laughing pretty badly since he had a very hard touchdown on the runway after a rollercoaster ride back up into the air after the first touch to the ground/ocean.

A video may be added of my taxi back to the gate.

Also inspirations? I won’t lie and tried not to directly copy, @NoahM. If you want me to change anything then let me know in a heartbeat! 🙂


Now those are some great photos! About that Qantas 737, umm, someone teach him how to land.


Great pics except the 737 „crash“ 😂
Nice job ✈️🙂!


Woah what’s wing tilt? Also that 737 just tried to be sully. All in all great photos

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I was distracted eating some great pizza. How did I even manage that… 😂🤦‍♂️


That’s a really realistic picture!

Also the engine perspective is a great unique idea and the other wing view is very nice too! Thanks for sharing!


Interesting flight! Nice pictures too, also let’s find that 737 pilot…

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Yeah I’ve got a video which I shared to a fellow IFATC because I spotted someone taxi through someone halfway across the airport. It wasnt his fault, the aircraft he ‘tacked through’ reconnected as as the aircraft was over him. I can’t share that video though since it includes names and would not want to not pick on any users with everyone publicly knowing who they were.

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Thanks! It’s very helpful with the interior being hollow and having glass windows, I literally went right up to the window and took the shot! 😀

That’s how you get perfect perspectives! Really nice to know and be able to see the results of these efforts!

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Yeah! I try and get perfect wingviews on aircraft. They can provide a real element of realism.

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These look great! I wouldn’t even think to use most of the angles you did, and the text is very different from what I do, keep it up :)

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lol the HOLY SIGHT

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Nice pictures…

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Nice shots! Lol a Qantas 737 shouldn’t be landing on 34L otherwise they’d be holding up the A380s and whatnot on approach. Don’t we just love a Comair 737 at Sydney.

Also may I add that the largest aircraft that land on 34R are 767s. It has a dedicated taxi route to the domestic terminal as opposed to the international too. ATC fault if you got vectored. :)

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