An over speeding alarm under 10,000 ft

I was wondering if anyone else could use this? I fly allot…ALLOT… and i just got 4 over speeding vios in a matter of seconds, it would not have happened had an alarm went off of my impending violation. Granted i should have been watching, normally i am! But just in case something happens and you are slightly distracted an alarm or indicator buzzer that you are approaching 250kts under 10,000 ft would be extremely helpful. I would argue that the amount of violations people get as a whole would decrease, and seeing how the only punishment, if that’s what it is, that you receive is time,
It would cut down on the time people are out. Thoughts?


Buy inflight assistant it’s €6 but well worth it


Is this a feature request? Please change it to #features if so.

Other than that, it would be very handful indeed.

He can’t make a feature request because he’s TL1.

You need to be TL2 (member) to make feature requests.


There are already feature requests for more alarms for violations.

Violations are handed out 20 seconds after the first warning and then every 20 seconds after that for overspeeding.

Your first violations occurred at:


Didn’t notice that.

Yes, i had just taken off from SKUA on a cargo mission, ive been flying it all week, i was carrying a passenger and talking to my superior at the same time, i thought i had hit the speed hold button but did not confirm it… it was my mistake and im trying to not get them… but i missed it, by the time i knew something was wrong i heard my engines spooling way too much i had already recieved 4 vios… i went into panic mode and ended the flight…too late… if an alarm had gone off i would have realized i was in trouble… i was typing on my second device, and put my flight device down as i had assumed everything was set… ouch! I will pay closer attention!..but that is 4 violations in 1 min? Isnt that a tad bit excessive?

I will look into it! Is that 6€a one time deal or monthly?

It’s a one-time purchase, and it’s well worth it!
(It does have a couple of IAPs (In-App Purchases) though.

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God knows i need it! Thank you for the recommendation!

One time purchase

I just checked it out! I will be making that purchase! Thank you!

No problem got you

I mean…can you knock 1 of them off? So i can continue flying?

Unless Violations are caused by a glitch in the game they can’t be removed. Your violations appare to be simple pilot mistake. They won’t be removed

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Twas worth a shot! I do understand, thank you for responding!

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Nice ideia

Im looking at the features forum to add a vote on it, i think it would really help people instead of slapping them with 7 days suspension…


would help a lot more the pilot should also know this restriction so there are several ways for you and stabilize 10200ft and redudize the speed

or maybe just pay attention

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