An option on how to view the map.

Instead of having a north locked, map, I would like to have an option that lets the aircraft be what locks the map orientation, essentially whatever way you are pointed is pointing virtually north. Lots of cars have this, and it makes navigating much easier.


This sounds like a good idea, but I would only want it implemented if there was an option to have the map oriented north as well.


This would be good to add to global when it comes out.

It’s not a bad idea but to me having a turning radar makes navigation harder and not easier (it’s obviously a matter of personal preference). I know nothing about real world aircraft radars, but I’d guess they are fixed and don’t have a moving radar like you described (again, I am guessing here).

Yes it could just be like one of the panel switches on the map settings currently.

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Good idea, but it should remain as optional


I support this idea as I know many people like the map orientation to align with the current heading. I prefer the maps always orientated North. Much easier for me to navigate that way. Make it an option and I’ll be fine with it!

North Up vs Track Up. I personally prefer track up when flying. IF uses North Up.


I normally don’t try to bring back old topics but I finally found this one. TRACK UP is definitely an option that they should make available. I personally don’t like the north up, but that’s just me.

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