An ode to Infinite Flight


It’s been a wonderful 10 years,
In there right from the start,
But like lots of life choices,
It’s time to depart.

From pushback to taxi,
From takeoff to cruise,
It’s been a wonderful journey,
Out into the blue.

To developers, staff,
Mods and the team,
Your efforts have made using Infinite Flight a true dream.

And never forgetting the grand IFC,
A friendly and helpful community.
You’ve been a joy to be part of,
A big thank you from me.

But it’s time to clear the cache,
For the very last time,
And wave bye to the app,
But it’s been epically sublime.

So for my very last post I’m raising a toast,
To Infinite Flight, a big part of my life,
And one that kept me totally engrossed.

Keep it going, stay healthy, stay strong,
Cherish every life moment
And you’ll never go wrong.

It’s been a joy taking part,
And I truly do mean it,
From the bottom of my heart.

Good times!



Sad to see you go :( Loved all your screenshot posts! Whatever the future holds for you, I wish you the best of it!

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