An Odd Bug

I was flying on my secondary device (diverting to Goose Bay because of my stupidity) and since this was on Training Server, my friend was ATC. I got an empty, “ghost” message from Center and pressing the reply button crashed the game. Anyone know what the heck exactly happened?? 😅

Device Used: Samsung Galaxy Note9
OS: Android 10, OneUI 2.5

P.S.: I think the empty message confused the game and overloaded it. Still don’t know why it was sent though.

Did you put on or change anything you didn’t know about?

A) It was on lowest graphics possible, 60fps.
B) It was charged for most of the flight and unplugged for the last hour or so.

Oops, I misread that. No, I didn’t change anything.

not fully related to your quesiton, but i’d recommend lowering the fps to 30. that’s been the most helpful for me regarding app crashes on my device

I need more proof. How many ATC messages did you send, and how hot was your device?

Known issue.
The root cause of the empty message is still not known but the resulting crash have been corrected.

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It was lukewarm. Only a few messages were sent. The interesting message that might have been a factor looked like this:

the field was empty, no message seemed to have been sent. I pressed the “reply” button and the game crashed right after.

Well, don’t click glitched buttons.

Lesson learned.

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Report it how? Sorry but you’re kind of just fumbling around right now. You can’t just stop in that scenario and “report” it.

Sorry, let me edit the text. I am more anonymous than open. 😳

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