An issue.....

I started a flight from Dubai to Vancouver 10:30 minutes ago. I am about 40 minutes away from my destination. I went to change the time of day. To my surprise, all the options lead to a black screen. There are no starts too. The plane is still flying and all, but whenever I try to change camera views, I just get a big black screen. The only clue I have is the visibility says ‘NaNkm’. Anyone know what’s going on?

Is the terrain floor black or is everything black?

Could we have your device details please?

If you switch it back to noon, does everything return to normal?

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Answer to the first question: everything is black, and I can’t even see the wing on wing view. So no, I cannot see the ground. My device is a iPad Air 32GB with iOS 11.0.3. No, switching back to noon doesn’t do anything

I can see the squares of planes in this distance but my plane is still ''missing". Is it possible to have 0 visibility?

This may be associated with the “black floor” issues or an there may be an issue with camera views for you. If you could, just have a look at what Philippe says below. If you could record and reproduce this it would greatly assist the developers with investigating this.

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Well the game crashed☹️

Okay, try deleting the app, restart your device and then relaunch Infinite Flight. If you can replicate this and record it that would be a big help.

-Make sure that you have a stable internet connection
-Close all background apps
-Disable Background Notifications
-Once you launch Infinite Flight don’t back out of the app keep it running

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Screenshots please thanks

NaN” means Not a Number, so there might have been a glitch resulting in corruption or unusable visibility measurements, which is a glitch on the server side. If your device had corrupted coordinates, then it is likely the weather and scenery retrieved from the server would be unsuccessful or fail, resulting in this. This is highly speculative because I know very little about how IF works in this respect, but is a possibility.