An Island Far Away

Hello Everyone!

This is Rangiauria, or Pitt Island. It is the second-largest island in the Chatham Archipelago which is located around 800km south-east of New Zealand. Pitt Island has been on my real-life travel bucket list for quite a while now. And even though I haven’t been there yet myself, two years after the release of Global I finally got to visit this beauty of an island in Infinite Flight.

Todays Flight Details
Date August 18th, 2019
Aircraft Private Cessna C208
Route Wellington (NZWN) - Chatham Island (NZCI)
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The reason why this island, miles of the New Zealand coast, is on my bucket list? I live in Switzerland. Assuming I would now dig a hole across the globe with a shovel, I would come out somewhere in the Pacific about 1250km southeast of Wellington, New Zealand. And the closest piece of land from this point is Pitt Island.

Or in other words: The farthest piece of land on this earth from where I live is Pitt Island.

So I looked for a way to get to Pitt Island, and I found a flight between Wellington and Chatham Island. And since all my trips in Infinite Flight are if possible realistic and all my flights start from where I last landed, I had to get to Wellington first. Luckily, I was in New Zealand anyway. I did a couple of flights in South America last week and headed to Christchurch via Antarctica just the day before. It was the perfect chance for me to get to this piece of land, hundreds of miles of the New Zealand coast.

I took off in Wellington, using a Cessna C208, and headed for Chatham Island. I reached my destination after around 2.5 hours. Before I landed, I explored Pitt Island, which is located right next to it. It is such a beautiful piece of land, and I’m pretty sure that not many people have flown around down there. After two circles over the island and a quick fly-by over the local airstrip - which isn’t available in Infinite Flight - I headed towards NZCI and landed there after around 3 hours of flight time.

It was a beautiful GA flight, and I’m looking forward to the return flight. Not sure what my destination will be yet.

Have a good weekend and many happy landings!


Stunning photos marc!
I love pacific island hopping in propeller planes. Its a big difference from commercial jet flying


Beautiful. Love the second picture


Thank you. It really is especially as you get to explore the island in a way you can’t do with a jet.


Amazing photos, those are super cool.
Too bad I ran out of likes though.

I love your posts!
They are always so informative and detailed, you certainly are a great guy on this forum :)

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Great photos yet again Marc!

It really is fun! I love island hopping in the 208!

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