An Interesting Topic about the IFC

Hello IFC!

Since I became a member of this fabulous community I have noticed a few things about it.
Here are a few of my observations:

Like Collecting

Sometimes I feel like some people are posting many things that are ‘like begs’ such as ‘Thankyou IFATC, or well done mods or developers’ I mean, this is alright to do once or twice, but making a post about thanking IFATC every FNF? This also includes Goodbye topics.

TL Rushing

Many IFC members aspire to one day reach that TL2 status on the IFC, but I think that this should be done by taking your time to think of a helpful topic, or something others will be interested by, instead of just spamming topics around 10 times a day.

That’s all from me for now. Reply with your feedback!


Moderators hand pick TL3 users now so that activity and lots of comments won’t get you to TL3. :)

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@infiniteflight_17 Didn’t know that. Sorry


Like collecting is not really a big problem because there are limits in place for different levels to prevent this from happening.

Its not bad that people want to move up. It shows th or commitment in the community.


Hey @Chris_S What are those limits?

Since you changed this to TL2… I’ll shed some light on this again. There’s not much to expect from TL1 users as most of them are new, shockingly. Most of them are just new members trying to learn all there is about the community until the system thinks it’s good enough to promote so they can work on more advanced things like events.

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There are so many likes one can give per trust level. Likes are not the only thing people look at to advance.

I dont have the numbers in front of me. I’ll see if I can.


Yep I agree there but some rush to make feature requests and events when maybe they are not ready yet? Thoughts?


Patience is a virtue, my friend. Users are encouraged not to worry about TL but rather focus on creating more quality posts. Trying to trick a random algorithm to promote a user to TL2 won’t really get you very far. If a post is irrelevant, or at least flag-worthy, that’s somewhat of a sign.


I think you bring a very valid point up and I have to admit, I get fed up with the forum at certain points for reasons similar to the ones you have listed.

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Sad @AvioesEJogos and @Alex_Kraz noises

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They want to participate. Keep in mind we have a large community of all different ages and experiences so some can be more anxious than others.

New users usually learn the ways in a short time.

It’s really not a problem. If so we will address it.

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@Z-Tube Yes, such as today. Have you noticed all the ‘Thank you IFATC’ posts today?


The same can be said about ifatc educational topics.

It’s a community. If you don’t like a topic nobody is forcing you to reply.


Is there a cooldown time on posting new topics? does anyone know

That’s beyond my knowledge. But if someone is going overboard with posting an obscene amount of topics, the mods may catch on.

With replies, it’s generally a few seconds.

Yeah well replies would be fine.

Thoughts on this: Instead of making topics thanking IFATC, just like the ATC schedule?


Thanking controllers doesn’t entirely relate to the schedule itself. If you want, go ahead and like the post. But it’s more beneficial and helpful for Tyler to like it in appreciation of the topic of the post.

But thanking controllers can be done in a pm, like it should.