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Hi Guys,

Ok, so, basically, I need some ideas. I’m 14 currently, but obviously need to start thinking about future plans, careers, etc. I want to work in this amazing industry.
BUT! And here’s the curve ball 😂
I’m partially blind. So, of course a pilot/engineer/flight attendant etc, is out of the question. So, do you guys have any ideas of what kind of thing I could look into? To put it into prospective, my vision will go as far as some detail about 1-2 metres away, and cannot be correctly with lenses. I’m a braille user, and will most likely have a guide dog.
I’ve tried doing some research but obviously it’s not a very common question. So I thought U’d ask you if you had any ideas.
Thanks for any of your ideas!


Dude, I feel so bad after reading this post and really hope that you find a successful career. Maybe a Sim developer??? I will have a think and research and should get back to you by 1500z tomorrow. Goodnight/day/evening/morning. Fun fact: I am also 14.


Hey there!

I’m so sorry to hear your situation and I feel really bad. Obviously there’s not much I can do but provide suggestions, however as you said, anything aviation related (flying, engineer, etc.), isn’t necessarily feasible. Fortunately for you, being blind/sight impaired and flying isn’t impossible. Commercially it may not be possible, but back in 2007 it was done by Miles Hilton-Barber in a microlight Read about him and his trip here. With that being said, technology will certainly advance by time you are out of college and you may be in luck.

All and all, I sincerely wish you the best and hopefully you can fulfill your dreams of flying!

Best of luck,

I know my response doesn’t exactly answer your question, but hopefully this helps you out somewhat.


Ah, thanks for the kind words! I’ll have a look at that

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I’m so sorry to hear your situation maybe a aircraft cabin cleaner type of career would suit your needs I do that for a living and I think you probably would maybe be able to do this for a career

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Well, You would get a surgery, and if you start a Go-Fund Me Page I think fellow aviators and someones mom will support you.

Other than that, Mabey Center ATC or a Professional Plane Spotter.

Trully sorry for you my man.

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I also have vision problems, but not bad enough to affect my career choice. I am about to go to an aviation college and the best advice I can give you is to just maintain your grades throughout highschool so you have options when you graduate. I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do until recently, I’m still not 100% sure about it. So in general, when you’re only 14, don’t isolate yourself to one career path. Leave options open and one will eventually present itself.

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You could definitely look into the operations side of the industry, as I’d imagine your vision would be far less of an issue on the ground as opposed to in the air. I have a friend who is going to Saint Louis University for their aviation management program which I have heard is great. If you’re interested in the engineering and design behind aircraft that could also be a possibility, I’m currently in college getting a degree in mechanical & aerospace engineering and there is a fully blind kid in many of my classes. I can’t speak exactly to what opportunities you would and wouldn’t have, but many universities have great accommodations and modern technology that can allow you to get a traditional degree which you could potentially parlay into a job in the industry whether that be on the business or engineering side.

Sad to hear this. You could always be a dispatcher. As long as you can see the computer in front of you, you should be good to go.


You said that your vision (or at least the good part of it) goes about 1-2 m, but since you said you use brail I take it that part isn’t too great either. If you can do normal desk work then there is plenty of backend stuff, engineering (not hands on, but I assume there’s plenty of desk workers in that category), dispatch, countless more administrative people in the industry like marketing, accounting, etc. Though if you need the brail I’m not so sure how accommodating any of those jobs are. I know there’s lots of laws that say they have to accommodate to disabilities, but that’s a whole other question that I have no basis to answer. Evidently it is possible for you to use a computer, so that alone should open up some jobs, though again not my area of expertise. Really hope you can find something, I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t work in the aviation industry, and I’m sure you feel similarly. I do hope that if nothing else everyone who comes through this topic can have a renewed thanks of there ability to do things. To be honest I’ve never really thought about the fact that my vision is good enough to get my dream job flying, but hearing this definitely makes me more thankful. Really hope it works out for you!


I don’t even know what to say. I’m sure you will find something, even if you work for an airline in any department you can get free flights with them, that way you can be around planes more often.

You sir/ma’am are an amazing human being regardless of whatever physical “limitations” you may think you have. You’re stronger than them and anyone who tries to tel you otherwise can go #@*! themselves. And to answer your question; a college major in aviation management prepares you for business in the industry allowing you to work as a dispatcher or even an operations analyst for airlines. Working for most airlines (if not all) entitles you to free flights with them someone correct me if I’m wrong so you can always be in and around aircraft. Hope you have an amazing life young lad 🤞🏾


maybe you can join “infinr Flight LLC” 😄


Hmmm. Sorry to hear about this. I do have to give it to you for not giving up and reaching out to see what opportunities would exists. You’re off to a great start so far. I would agree with ERJ here. A dispatcher would fit what you’re describing. There aren’t too many jobs/careers that you could make do in the airline/aviation industry given your situation. But a dispatcher would be perfect.

Another desk/computer related job that is heavily relied upon in the aviation industry is crew scheduling or crew planning. These folks are the ones in charge of placing pilots where they need to be and when. They are generally responsible for pairings. Generally a pairing includes 2 pilots and the flight attendants. It is the schedule we’d see a few days out to know who we’ll be working with. Crew planning’s role would be to ensure that these pairings are going to work out in terms of number of hours worked/flown by the pilots and if they have enough rest in-between shifts.

Every airline has a group of folks in the crew planning department. So in addition to the dispatchers there will be a need for these people too. Pilots are terrible at planning… 👀only sometimes jk


So sorry to hear this. While this may not be the answer you are looking for, it may be fun to get involved in a VA. You may even consider starting one.

Other than that, you may be able to get hired as ground crew at an airport. Not sure what the requirements are for that though.


Really sorry to hear about this… I undoubtedly think it is also possible for you to start your own airline or corporate airline business! With the right determination and focus anything is possible! And as @AlphaKilo said, do NOT let anyone put you down and doubt you…

Anyways, happy flying and the best of wishes and luck!

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