An interesting question tbh

So I had a very interesting question (or thought), so I am part of the QatarVA, and tbh the idea of the crew center is actually super amazing, the fact that you fly for a CERTAIN airline and record your hours and log PIREPS is actually super realistic which made me think, can I do it for myself? For example, Royal Jordanian doesnt have a VA, but I still want to fly there planes and log PIREP and all these crew center features, is it possible? Or a VA has to be created in order to use CC ( what I mean basically is that I want to use it for my personal record?)

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I guess if you just use the crew centre it shouldn’t be a problem… you just can’t announce or do anything about the VA on the IFC… you would have to get it IFVARB approved.

Do you know how to use it without a VA?

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you would have to create a VA to use a CC. Infinite Flight logs your stats (hours flown, time flown, landings, etc.) by default.

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I guess you just register an account with a third-party CC?

If you can’t use can any crew centers, maybe you can create a google form for yourself that links to a spreadsheet (with stats) which links to a Google My Map that shows where you’ve travelled or maybe do some other DIY solution. Definitely less cool than a crew center, but if possible (not sure if it is since I haven’t tried, just an idea I’m throwing out), it would still be able to map all your routes.

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