An Infinite Reflection

Every now and then, I liked to take any fighter jet (usually the F-16) and intercept another aircraft. Mundane as it may sound…it has an interesting difficulty.

A fighter jet like the F16 which can travel at twice the speed of sound, ironically has great difficulty maneuvering at lower speeds in high altitude. Which sets one thinking…

The world has just changed so radically, and all we’ve ever tried to do is run to catch up with it. In this kind of world where everyone likes to go like the F16…fast paced, breaking barriers, flitting place to place, I think 2020 has been a rather terse reminder that we’ve somewhat forgotten to take things slow and balanced in all our best interests.

Hopefully a clear resolution for the New Year.

Wishing the IF Team and my fellow sim pilots a Happy New Year! Shot taken on the expert server while heading southeast out of Ramstein AfB, Germany.


Well said, beautiful pic

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Thanks a lot :)

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