An Infinite Flight Trip Report ~ LGA-MSP With Delta Air Lines

Hello IFC!

Today I decided to try something different and create a trip report on a recent flight. I flew Delta Flight 855 on an Airbus A319 (N328NB).

Here is my aircraft parked at Terminal C Gate C16 at an empty LaGuardia Airport.

Doors closed at about 1:55 with a total of 113 passengers onboard. I settled into my seat for this flight, 1D. A pre-departure food & drink service commenced soon after. I had some chips & water.

After a quick 5 minute pushback & taxi, we departed to the northwest on runway 31.

Our A319 rocketed out of New York airspace and we quickly reached our cruising altitude of 34,000 feet. In this picture we are somewhere in upstate New York.

Soon after reaching FL340, the flight attendants started handing out snacks & drinks to First Class. I had some cookies & another water. Not long after service ended, I watched a movie and we hit some fun 100+ knot turbulence. Boy it was fun!

About 130 miles away from Minneapolis, we descended to 20,000 feet. About 80 miles out, we descended to 10,000 feet, and then to 5,000 feet. Here is our aircraft configured for landing on runway 12R at KMSP.

The pilot disengaged the Autopilot and handled the 25 knot headwinds with ease. Here we are on short final.

We came in a little bit high and floated down runway 12R and smoothly touched down. I don’t think anyone felt the landing until the thrust was in reverse and we were slowing down.

After a lengthy taxi, we made our way to Gate D5 and disembarked.

N328NB parked at Gate D5. Thanks for the great flight!

And that concludes my first Infinite Flight Trip Report! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and I have a poll for you!

Would you like me to make more Infinite Flight Trip Reports in the future?

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Amazing photos!


Great job Dylan!

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Wow this is the perfect combo! MSP and LGA in the same trip report 😍

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