An Infinite Flight story - BA 737 diversion

Today i wanted to try another method of posting and editing pictures.


CAW 7401 is 3d in line for takeoff


At 15:19 CAW 7401 is lining up during an A-340 is taking off. The pilots still don’t know what dangers will happen to them during the next hours.


Because of windshear shortly before touchdown the 737 starts to skid off the runway.


The pilots engage full go-around thrust and can get the plane in the air. One of the I-Pads in the cockpit hits the radio and the second radio has a pulled circuit breaker that hasn’t been noticed until the FAA investigations started. The pilots use contact to tower and set their transponder to 7600 so they won’t get intercepted.

The pilots have decided to divert to the next uncontrolled airport and use a field landing method to land on the short and narrow runway, but that actually caused the incident.


During touchdown one of the engines slams into the ground and catches fire. The pilots manage to keep the plane on the runway and stop.


Luckily no one got seriously injured during the flight. BA will return the plane to their homebase Cape Town soon.

I hope you enjoyed this series of pictures!


err the fifth and last one are the same.


I accidently mixed it up with another picture

Nice shots! I think I saw you yesterday in that BA 737 ;)

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Very nice! Is this a new trend?

I love these new stories. The IFC is so creative!

I think it is. I see a lot of pepole do this things and i thought to adapt to this trend

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There were a lot of BA 737s so you probably have seen somebody else. My callsign was AUVA-001 if you want to know if i was that.

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