An infinite flight movie-Training Server 1 (Link issue fixed)

So I was bored and I decided to start a project. An Infinite Flight Movie-Training Server 1. Sorry I have apple so I can’t record my screen. Anyways here it is:
(P.S. Sorry for the format of the text. If i pasted it normally, it would read it as an image for some reason)
(Also, sorry that the previous link didn’t work)
(BTW: This link may not work on mobile devices. If it doesn’t work on yours, view it on a computer)


It says permission denied.

Exactly. It says that the content has something to do with Eye of the Tiger…

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I really want to see this now XD
Try putting it on YouTube

Oh what! It’s not a song.

Try again and not through mediafire, it sucks. Youtube is an option (takes ages to upload though…)

I can’t upload to YouTube. I live in I.R Iran and it’s a filtered site here

Click this link it should work:

Still the same :/

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It works on mine. I’ll put it on SendVid @Kyle.Plane.

Everyone, sorry for the previous non-working links. This one will work. I have tested it on many

works, finally !

Well. I’m never using MediaFire again!

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no don’t!!

Worked for me.

Movie ? More like slideshow ;)

I don’t have IRL Aircraft to do these maneuvers :)

I mean in IF

LoL 😂
Can’t stop laughing at this one.

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