An Infinite Flight More A Less Advanced Log Sheet

Well What Is This
The Infinite Flight Log Sheet I Have Made Is Very Basic And Could Be Used for VA’s,Your Average Joe And Much More This Sheet Is Free To Use However To Edit it You Must Create A Copy And Know What your Doing This Spreadsheet Was Originally Created For A Group Of Friends In The Old Version Of Infinite Flight And Since Has Been Updated And Now Caters For Global

Is This Free
Of Corse This Always Has And Always Will Be Free We Are Currently Making A Website Where People Can Post There Routes There Flown With Other’s This Website Is However Still Being Made So Please Bare With Me On That One

What Was It Made With ?
This Document Was Made With Google Docs But We Maybe Moving To Something Else Now

At This Time I’m Not Providing ScreenShots But I’m Providing The Link To The Document Which Will Be Below This Section

Infinite Flight For There Logo And The “Global” Update

Link To Document

Will Post More Infomation On What’s Coming Next Thank You

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Nice, you’re right this would be excellent for VA’s

Thanks it as I siad was originally made for a group of friends

Do you have any relation to @Jordan2? Just referring to the bottom of the document… I believe MyFly was also a project he was involved with.

Let me tell you why he’s an old friend he lied to me about a lot of stuff and just didn’t care but he made this and just left it there il remove that as quickly as I can and provide a updated link

And no MyFly as far as I can remember he was never involved with

Jordan2 seems very popular and tells people about the IFC

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