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Hi All!

It has been a long time since I have properly used this community, so long that my old account got archived! I use to post an Infinite Flight film every so often and I always planned to create a film post Global, but I never got round to doing it. So nearly two years later… here it is!

Let me know your favourite part of the film, rate the film using the poll below and share any feedback you may have!

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I would like to thank @Frenchix1 for helping me with the formation flight in the KLM (1:49 and 2:51

Kind Regards,


Cool video! Also happens to be my go to karaoke song lol


Thanks Misha! Sure isn’t an easy karaoke song though :’)

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One Word “amazing”

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I mean, this is truly extraordinary!

The choice of song combined with some subtle angles really hit the spot in this film.

It really represents what Infinite Flight is, a flight simulator at it’s core, that is led on by the adventurous sense of exploration. The film shows that You can be professional, wondrous and social all in one.

Honestly, it’s like a poster child for Infinite Flight.

Hats off to You for this incredible creation!

Kudos @Mr.Monaco!

~ Ignas P.


I’m so impressed by your work here!

Some of your shots leave me somewhat baffled. Did you use a lot of free cam to film this?


Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it! :D

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The majority of the shots were free cam, yes. I have to admit I have always found it difficult using the free cam but I think I’ve finally got the gist of it!

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