An incredibly scenic non-stop flight from Paris to Tahiti

1) I decided to fly what could become the longest non-stop route in the world. Air Tahiti Nui was looking to start a direct flight to Paris, as it would remove the need for a layover in Los Angeles, however, none of their aircraft have enough range to make the flight. Air France also flies from Paris to Tahiti via LAX, but I wanted to see if I could make it all the way on an Air France 777-200ER with low weight.

2) Server: Expert, Aircraft: Air France 777-200ER, Route: CDG (LFPG) - PPT (NTAA), Flight time: 18:01, Distance Flown: 15,710 kilometres

3) Photos
Taxi and takeoff in Paris

Over the Rocky Mountains

Approaching the eastern Tahitian islets

Approach at PPT

Landing in Tahiti


Nice photos!


The Papeete islands are one of my favorite scenic spots in Infinite Flight.

Air Tahiti Nui I believe also does this route with their Dreamliner.


It is a great scenic place in IF. However, Air Tahiti Nui still has a stop in LAX


Yeah both Air Tahiti and Air France have a stopover in Los Angeles. I’ve flown this before but the opposite way and with the stopover in Los Angeles. It is a awesome flight.


Honestly wow love them.

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I love the photos it’s very nice
Good job 👏👏👏👏


Yeah, I’m planning on flying this route in December (MSP-LAX-PPT-BOB) On Delta, Air France, and then Air Tahiti for the island hop.

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The Island Ring photo is awesome!

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Nice pictures!
I’m pretty sure SQ22 would still be longer though, since it’s over 16,000km.

Thanks for the compliment! Also, I was just using google maps and it said the distance was ~15,300 from SIN-EWR vs ~15,700 from PPT-CDG

Interesting, maybe that’s the direct distance, while mine was the distance of the actual fight (since it goes over the North Pole).

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Yeah they’ll both probably have different distances than the actual direct distance

Thats a pretty interesting route, and great pics!

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The descent rate in Photo 6 is a bit disturbing…

but otherwise…nice photos!


Yeah, I was doing a manual landing and accidentally decended a bit quickly- I like the picture though