An increase to voting limits

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the new voting on features thing, just one issue, the voting limit. I don’t know the exact number everyone gets per day, but it can’t be any more than ten. Before the update, everyone had a max of 50 likes per day, which means technically, they could like 50 feature requests. Because of this new limit, I have to start bookmarking many different feature requests. I have an Idea. It goes by trust level

TL0 and TL1 get 10 votes per day
TL2 gets 20 votes per day
TL3, or Regulars, get 30 votes per day.

There are always chances for improvement on Infinite Flight, and I feel that this very small limit is really suppressing some peoples opinions.
Many people just comment on the topic saying how they don’t have any votes, but would vote if they could. This wastes valuable forum space! If people could just vote, that would be an issue eliminated! Also, this is causing me to bookmark features that I would vote on, and I’m at 7 bookmarked features so far! So, I propose and increase in daily votes. I’m sure everyone else does to:)


Per day? Sorry but that’s insane…


Philippe said it’ll be increased soon


We used to get 50 likes, which means per day we could have liked 50 feature requests…

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I like the current voting limit. It helps you really think about what you want to use your limited votes on.


20 votes per day? I didn’t even know I used more than 5 before I reached my limit…

That was because it was used in a way it wasn’t meant to be.

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Why do you need 50 votes? This way the devs really get to see what the community wants, and the votes that you have to give are really meaningful. I’m for a slight vote increase, but not nearly as much as 20. As @Ninetales said, Philippe already disclosed this in the other thread, and that they’ll likely increase it in time. :)

Agree. I’d also give a limit of votes for a certain period of time but 10 forever is much too less!

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I like the current limits, it limits the community to vote the real need and wishes, not every feature.

We will adjust the voting limit as per the feedback we are receiving, still undergoing a trial of the feature. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

I need to quote AR here - he made a good post in another thread:

Whilst it’s true that you might want Infinite Flight to have a lot (don’t get me wrong, there’s loads I’d love to see), it’s not really helpful for the developers. The idea behind the vote limit is that you think carefully and prioritise some features, which makes it easier for the developers to gauge what people really want as opposed to hundreds of issues with similar numbers of votes :)


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