An important reminder to all airport editors

Is Birmingham and London Stansted going to be re-vamped? They still have 2D jet-bridges.

Philippe this is the original guide for editors

  • Buildings –
    Opposite material to taxiway (Concrete taxiways, asphalt buildings)
    Hole cut through taxiway
    Snapped to hole/taxiway
    Solid white line attribute surrounding buildings

You now wish us to not perform the last step?

“Solid white line attribute surrounding building”?

However still create an alternate taxiway element to depict the building?

I just posted a clarification on the Slack #general channel. We shall edit that document accordingly (partly misinterpretation on my part) :)

Yes, no solid white line surounding buildings.


Excellent thank you for the clarification. I will make sure all of my edits both past and future conform.


No buildings at all or ever? I’m so cunfused

Are you an airport editor? If not, don’t worry about this. As stated in the title, “An important reminder to all airport editors

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Basically the lines outlining the buildings might look very weird when the 3d buildings pop up.

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