An Important PSA To IF Content Creators: New COPPA Crack Downs and Rules

Hey everyone. Recently, YouTube and other social media platforms have been forced by the FTC to have to separate videos into non-kid-friendly and kid-friendly. Essentially due to COPPA, people will be having to separate videos if they are kid-friendly to people at or below the age of 13.

Videos/Pictures that are marked kid-friendly will be taken off most recommended pages and only be displayed to accounts marked 13 and under. Major fines have also been noted, if you do not correctly mark your content in its respected category, you can get fined up to 45,000 dollars (USD). Note, this is applying to all American-based social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

What does this mean for you? It basically means that you will have to start labeling videos based on if they are kid-friendly or not. If they are kid-friendly, this could mean no targetted ads or no ads at all. Leading to less ad revenue on your content if you get paid for ads.

If you want a list of what is and is not kid-friendly, read the article created by the FTC.

Thats all for now guys, as stated, if you want a more in-depth article, please read the one made by the FTC.

Also, if you want more on COPPA then read this.

Finally, Google has released rules for YouTube and its other platforms.

That’s all for now guys, have a good one and stay safe.

Note: Clickbait is basically now illegal. Like you can get arrested and fined like 45,000 Dollars.

Second Note: There is a petition going on to change these rules, I don’t know the link but if you find it… sign it!


And this has to do with aviation how?

Due to the fines, for IF content creators, it is causing YouTube and other social media channels to have to watch their content and label it correctly. Aviation content such as this will mostly fall into the kid-friendly category, which can lead to massive amounts of lost revenue. It can also get channels shut down entirely and get massive fines.

That is my question also. Even though yes I do have a channel, chances of me actually doing this is no.

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Stated above.

Actually they are pretty high, as they are making the creators have to label them. If the slightest thing is off with the labeling, the creator and even YouTube can get massive fines. They can even get their channels shut down if it is severe enough.

Dos this apply to small channels. I only have 254 subs

Yes, it applies to all channels that create content, if you have one video and it is off. 45,000 go down the drain.

I never monetize my videos so there is no money to be made in this situation.

I know, whether you are monetizing or not, you still need to categorize.

It frankly is confusing, the article should clear it up.

This is ridiculous in my opinion. Ok, some YouTubers do make kid friendly content and do rely on ad-revenue. What are they supposed to do now? And, $40,000? That’s absolutely insane. Just my opinion

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FTC for you.

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“First, unless you’re affirmatively targeting kids, there are many subject matter categories where you don’t have to worry about COPPA. For example, if your videos are about traditionally adult activities like employment, finances, politics, home ownership, home improvement, or travel, you’re probably not covered unless your content is geared toward kids”

I don’t think COPPA would apply to IF videos, and therefore this really isn’t a big deal at all. IF videos aren’t, in my opinion, targeting children, which is the whole point of COPPA (regulating content aimed at children). This would maybe only apply if you’re specifically describing in your video or “about” section that your targeted audience is children, and I have never seen this with an IF video.

Also, it’s a civil penalty. There will be no immediate arresting happening. The maximum fine is 42k. It can (and will) obviously be lower than that.

I think this excerpt from the article really sums up how IF content won’t be applicable in this case:
"To be clear, your content isn’t considered “directed to children” just because some children may see it. However, if your intended audience is kids under 13, you’re covered by COPPA and have to honor the Rule’s requirements."

First there is no need to create panic. IF content is not directed at kids under 13 so it’s a grey area.
Second apparently a lawyer apparently made a video questioning whether or not the fine is even applicable, based on the fact that you as a creator is not collecting data.

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Tru, I personally do not like this, but as a way, I do find ways to bend the rules. Even though my videos are kid-friendly, I just say that not meant for kids to get it over with.

Wait is this the video you were talking about .

It’s this video. I never watched it but a minecraft youtuber recently mentioned it in a video.

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This more of just serves as a heads up rather than fear mongering per say. For anyone who is getting triggered at this.

I never said any immediate arresting could happen, however it is possible. It is not an arrestable offense unless it is really violated (like NSFW, etc).

I doubt this affects people making videos of flight Sims.

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Well it affects all content on the platform. Read more in depth in the article.

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