An Ignore aircraft command for TS Atc


I am making this features request to bring an idea to the community that I see could be very useful for for atc controllers dealing with Troll aircraft that are just trying to disrupt a controllers session.

I am suggesting an Ignore Aircraft button that will not show an aircraft on your map and get rid of messages from them. I suggest that it only gets rid of them on your screen but other aircraft can see them and also have the option to ignore them. I’m not really sure of how it would work because my brains not big enough to put that together but I feel that this could be useful. Also a message that could pop up on the aircraft that’s been ignored screen that says something along the lines of “You have been ignored for suspected trolling” or something like that so the pilots not confused why they aren’t being recognized. IDK this idea just came to mind and I haven’t completely thought it out yet

:) Thanks and I would appreciate a vote to try and make TS Atc a lot less stressful

It’s a good idea however the problem is when you get ATC that starts abusing the command and muting any pilot they want troll or not.

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Yes I understand that. I was thinking about that too but I still feel that It can be used for more good than bad. I’m not suggesting it causes harm to the player but it just hides them from your screen

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Yeah. I could definitely see this as being a sort of middle ground considering that TSATC cant ghost a player.

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That was some of my thinking :)

my idea is what if there was a limit of how much you can press the button so the atc can not troll @KGJT-9149


yes I should’ve added that to the post that was also an idea :)

this exact reason we need this where a troll is blocking my active runway


you can just swip the aircraft box to the right and technically they’re muted

No… that’s not how that works 😂 they still are able to spam your frequency and also block runways/taxiways. I know that they have a spam blocker but I personally think that we need more.

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yeah all i can say is try get to ifatc its not that hard if you listen to your trainers advice and are willing to learn

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yeah… that not happening anytime soon 😬 I kinda just do atc for fun these days


trust me ifatc isn’t a job it is for fun

and believe in yourself

i do agree that there needs to be something like this and i reckon the report button by pilots should be used more when they see inappropriate behavior

Can’t you just report him?

not on ts that’s only for controllers on expert

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People probably don’t use it because we never really see any results from it

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you can report, we can ghost

yeah i might try to go for ifatc again in a couple months

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