An IFC update

Hey! I hope you're doing very well whoever's reading this. After a few months of being on IFC, I was thinking of a few new features...

I have never created a topic requesting a change to the IFC itself; all feedback is appreciated.

So let’s start off with the categories

I think it would be great if there were a lot more tags added, so if you wanted to look for a specific kind of post, you could find it with ease.

Voting for Features
I think that you can spend your votes very easily and a bit too quickly, so I was thinking, maybe we could have a few votes dedicated to just liveries! This will also help a lot of people who just want their hometown airline, and won’t get hit with the “sorry, I don’t have any votes left”.

VA’s and VO’s
VA’s and VO’s are an incredible experience for everyone. However, if a VA or VO shuts down, there should be a mark beside it, maybe like a red lock icon. And if there’s an active VA or VO thread, there will be some sort of indicator that it’s active, perhaps a “verified check mark”. This will also be the first result when you search for a VA/VO in that category.

People’s Profiles

The beauty of the IFC, is that there are so many different people with different nationalities, however, this can lead to a lot of confusion, due to people being in different timezones. What my idea is this: where all the quick information is about the user (last seen, when joined etc.), you can also see the current time for them. Also, when shooting someone a DM, it would be great if it displayed something like “the current time for … is 1:00 AM”.


Creating a Thread
For a lot of beginners, starting a thread might be very difficult. It would be great if the first few times a beginner created a thread, that there will be labels beside each button, explaining it’s function.

For Created Threads
This feature would be for users with TL2 or higher. Basically, the author of the thread can pin a message within the thread. This can be especially helpful with very busy threads, like an event thread, or a development thread, to help avoid people seeing incorrect information, and see the verified information of what the author confirmed. This will be displayed at the bottom of the thread, beside the bookmark icon.
Another feature I would like to see in a thread, is the ability to search a word, phrase or user in a thread; this will, once again, be very helpful in a busy thread

New Users, Anniversaries and Birthdays

New Users
We all know Discobot, the good old bot from IFC, but I feel he’s in need of a refresh. When a new member joins the IFC, Discobot will send them an automated message, explaining all the basics, and linking a few threads to make it clearer. I feel that this will help the new members a lot and will definitely reduce the moderators’ workload.

Anniversaries and Birthdays
Everyone feels great when it’s their anniversary or birthday, one feels even better when he/she gets congratulated. My idea was for a new category or thread to be made, and where a bot is present. Everyday the bot will announce the anniversaries and birthdays, this message will be pinned within the thread as mentioned above. Everyone will then congratulate each other and have new opportunities to meet some new people!


Website refresh
For this, you’ll be able to head into preferences, and there will be an option to choose your refresh rate. This will determine how frequently IFC will refresh your page, where new or updated threads and other notifications will be displayed. This may be useful for people with a poor internet connection, or have limited mobile data.

Thread Search Filter
My experience with searching a closed topic has been rather frustrating. If I search “how to use the IFC”, I won’t find the amazing thread, but I will just find threads with only the one word like “IFC username”. This can perhaps be fixed where you can turn on an option that the search results HAS to be the phrase with the exact spelling, and all of the words in the search term in the correct order.

So that was my idea to make this community an even better place as I believe that there’s always room for improvement.
If you’ve any more suggestions, feel free to share them in this thread.
Thanks for your time, this probably is quite weird reading something focused on the IFC only.

Feel free to DM me about anything :)

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay home and stay happy ;)



Unfortunately a lot of these things are out of control by our current moderation and staff team. The IFC uses the discourse platform, you’d have to take it up with the developers and owners there.

As for the features voting part, it would just give people more votes. You couldn’t clarify between liveries and other requests. People would still be like “ugh if only I had more votes amirite?”


Hey! Looks like this is well thought out, but #features is for in-app features. This could belong in #meta, but its worth noting the developers of IF do not make the forum, that’s done by a company called Discourse. Something like this may belong better on the discourse meta forum;


Thanks guys, I saw that @Qantas094 already edited it - thanks!


Isn’t this just the purpose of categories?

Also, they have to pay for space so something like this would end up costing more money, and at least I feel, is a little unnecessary. After all, we are focused on Infinite Flight here.

This would probably have to be optional because not everyone is required to submit their location publicly. Also, I’m not sure if this is possible on Discourse, along with the rest of these (as others have noted as well).

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yes, but tags will be more specific as I said there
It’s like this:

Just to note, some of the features mentioned isn’t possible because the IFC is ran by Discourse. The moderators are not responsible for adding new features to the IFC Website. There are Discourse staff in this forum but yet they are also not responsible for adding new features.


Ah yes, I see. Thanks Kuba!

Since we are hosted by Discourse, many add ins are not available to us.

maybe we could have a few votes dedicated to just liveries!


here should be a mark beside it, maybe like a red lock icon.

This is the purpose of

people being in different timezones.

I agree. We will keep an eye out for anything new we can do.

labels beside each button, explaining it’s function.

Unable with the current version we have.

the author of the thread can pin a message

You can bookmark topics which accomplishes the same thing.

Discobot will send them an automated message,

There are already welcome messages for new users along with pinned messages all over the place. Nothing will force someone to read something.

new category or thread to be made, and where a bot is present.

Having a bot is far less personal than you PMing someone wishing them a happy birthday.

Refresh rate

Discourse limited.

Search filter

The advanced filter has a wide range of options to help you


Thanks for that very thorough answer Chris! Always appreciate all the work you do here:)

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