An IF Story (Episode 3): A Super Flight to Dubai

Here’s a more… traditional, standard tale.

November 24th, 2019
Emirates 262 is a regularly scheduled flight from Sao Paolo, Brazil, to Dubai, UAE. The aircraft operating this route is an Airbus A380-800. The flight is scheduled to depart from Guarulhos-Governador Andre Franco Montoro International Airport (GRU) at 10:00 am local time.

Traffic is levels on this day were moderate with ATC actively servicing the airport. It is a hot summer day in Brazil, which means weather conditions are excellent for a wonderful flight. Emirates 262 files its flight plan, follows ATC instructions and sets off on schedule for its 13.5-hour flight.

Flight details
Expert server
Takeoff: 13:16 UTC
Route: SBGR - OMDB (Sao Paulo - Dubai)

On a busier day at Sao Paolo International Airport, Emirates 262 prepares for its long-flight. The aircraft servicing this route is the beautiful Airbus A380-800.

Flight 262 is cleared to taxi to runway 09L, and enjoys close views of traffic flowing in and out of the airport.

At 10:15 am local time, flight 262 is cleared for takeoff at runway 09L, following a relatively brief delay.

(Plane spotter footage: Emirates Flight 262 is airborne)

Flight 262 cruises at 33,000 feet over the Brazilian coastline, enjoying some wonderful views of this beautiful country in South America.

Flying over Rio

After 13 long hours, flown mostly in the dark crossing the Atlantic Ocean and the continent of Africa, the sun only just begins to rise as Emirates 262 begins its decent into Dubai International Airport.

(Spotter footage of flight 262 on final in Dubai)

Due to some crosswind, Emirates 262 takes slightly more time than usual to land, but nevertheless manages a stable touchdown in Dubai with a vertical speed of in -246 ft/min, a landing that most pilots would typically call “buttered bread”, or simply “grease”. The landing is followed by a round of applause from the passengers who have enjoyed a beautiful, long and smooth flight. The pilot parks at an open gate and turns off the seat belt signs, enabling passengers to disembark the aircraft.

Emirates 262 flight summary

Stranger things HAVE happened. More stories to tell. Hope you enjoyed this read!


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