An IF Story (Episode 2): Pilot attempts space travel for the first time

Another unconventional tale!

A cold wet windy afternoon in London Heathrow inspires a pilot to take on a daring mission. After completing hundreds of airline flights, and accumulating great experience flying in various parts of the planet, there is one place he has yet to have had the chance to be: outer space . This story chronicles with pictures and text the events that unfolded during this daring mission.

Flight Info
Server: Casual
Time: Casual time
Route: EGLL —> ???

The story
November 14th, 2019: The pilot, unidentified, borrows a fighter jet to take on a thrill of a lifetime. He appears to have chosen the F-22 as his ideal aircraft for this mission. Pilot takes off from runway 27L at Heathrow and goes for a steep climb in his new and unfamiliar aircraft.

Upon reaching normal airline cruising altitude, the pilot flies east towards Amsterdam, attempting to pick up as much speed as possible before beginning his climb.

At FL322, and a speed of Mach 3.22, raises the nose of the jet to almost 90 degrees and begins a steep climb to the highest altitude he can reach. The pilot reaches an altitude of 145000 and is taken aback by the incredible views from the cockpit.

However, it becomes immediately apparent that there is a complete loss of control of the jet, which appears to have entered into what can only be described as an orbit. The jet, against the pilots will, aimlessly drifts east towards the Netherlands, an unintended destination.

Stuck in space: Many topics learned in Astro Physics race to the pilot’s mind, who’s realized he is stuck in orbit. He attempts to point the nose down towards Earth and push the engine to full throttle to somehow attain escape velocity, but the jet does not leave orbit. Having realized little progress was made, he decides to cut the engines to save fuel, and tries every other trick possible to bring the jet back down to Earth. The pilot deploys landing gear, and full flaps, and tries to use Autopilot but it continues to disengage. V/S remains at -50 at 140,000 feet. It is a desperately hopeless situation.

Breakthrough: 40 minutes after departing Heathrow, the jet’s descent speed begins to fluctuate between -500 and -6000 at 135,000 ft, before hurtling back down towards planet Earth, doing barrel rolls at a vertical speed which increases to an incredible -110000ft/min

Finally: as soon as the jet re-enters Earth’s atmosphere, the pilot turns the jets back on and heads back to Heathrow.

The landing was long and rough, but being down to Earth never felt better 😉. There were major struggles along the way, but a mission accomplished.

Hope you enjoyed the read! I rushed it but it was fun to write about this trip. Stay tuned for the next expisode!


Nice photos!

Just remember the 10 photo limit in the #screenshots-and-videos category :)

Other than that really cool!


Will edit some of them out. But thanks!

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No problem! These are really cool :)!

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Wow, that’s so cool, and actually pretty funny!

But, uh, I’ve kinda reached 167,600 feet in the F-22, so… Jk, lol 😂

But, being up there is amazing. The total loss of control just gives you this feeling, like you’re no match for the vast universe that’s out there.


I bet lots of pilots are inspired considering this is basically every day in London.

wow, ok

o k

Training 0

Hope he had a G-suit.

I think he died.


Is it just me or is that me at the center of this story? I do many things with Raptors… including space recon.

It was hopeless for a while! Haha

But basically kept playing with autopilot until the jet started falling.

The pilot was wearing the casual suit ;) it was rough but he was alright. Should have seen the barrel rolls and spinning this thing was doing in orbit! Lol

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Very intriguing story, I always love when people try and relate IF to some humorous tale, can’t wait to see more!

Don’t forget to remove some pics for the 10 per topic limit, or it risks getting closed :)

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Haha, doing it now! And some proofreading.

Was it you though?

Nope. Someone a lot like me though 😂