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Hi IFC! Yesterday I did a flight with the Boeing 777-200ER from KLM on a route from Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which is really an experience that I will never forget. The most amazing part of the flight was the descent to Kilimanjaro, it was very breathtaking. There were lots of beautiful Terrain present there. So today, I’m sharing an amazing shot from the descent.

Pic #1:
Route: EHAM (Amsterdam) - HTKJ (Kilimanjaro)
Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER
Flight Time: 8 Hours 4 Minutes
Server: Expert Server

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@DuncanNL @Lotus Check this :p


wow Thats a nice shot!

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Nice shot!

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Nice shots!! When I flew to Kilimanjaro, I flew from Addis Ababa-Kilimanjaro-Zanzibar. I also did the full layover (which was delayed) was delayed by my brothers birthday celebration…

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