An IF business name tag

So I want to make a business name tag for my Infinite Flight. I got a few elements that I want to put in and I get to put two of these in. It’s hard to decide so I need you guys to help me out. Just pick two of the one that you think is good.
1.Navy 039 (my callsign)
2.erau_Hatsune (my in-flight name)
3.Infinite Flight, USA
4.Infinite Flight Naval Aviator
May come up more, but this is what I have for now.

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Define “Business Name Tag”

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it’s like a plastic plate that people wear on their clothes and it usually shows your name and title.

Cool concept.

I would do this:

Navy 039 USA
Infinite Flight Naval Aviator

But I only have two lines, what would you pick?

Erau_Hatsune [Navy 039]
Infinite Flight US Naval Aviator


NICE!! Let’s see if it fits in.
It worked!! Time to order one!

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