An Idea for FNF

Today is a special day for Turkey. In 19 may 1919 Indepence War for Turkey started. It would be awesome if Dev’s make this week’s FNF with Turkish Airlines Topic.


@DIsraelFDS is the FNF master. Not sure if we should make any FNF that are that specific (and political). This type of events would usually be better organized by the community itself.

It should not be political, but It’s a national day and celebrates every year. Sir David can find a way I hope :)

@philippe *David is the eternal leader of FNF.

So @Jack_Jordan what do you think about this ?

I agree with Philippe. I think it’s a fine idea for a community organized event. My idea for this weeks FNF however is on the theme of Memorial Day. I’d like to stick with that, but to expand upon it further than just being relevant to only one specific (America) country. I think Memorial Day can easily be applied to the memory and respect to all who served regardless of their country.
Additionally, but unofficially of course, Memorial Day is commonly associated with kicking off Summer. Obviously the seasonal aspect won’t apply everywhere.

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