An idea for custom liveries....Colorwheel!

Hey all,
With all the chit chat about custom livery stuff, on here and IFFG specifically, I was trying to think of a possible temporary solution. We all now know that we can’t “submit” our liveries to have in game, etc… What if we have a “Plane Hanger” option. It’s like a place, where you can use a bunch of set colors like for the primary colors of the plane, the secondary colors, wing tips, tail, wheels, etc. we could mix n match colors in an attempt to make our own. On top of that we could have a set group of “stickers” to set on them. Like the infinite flight logo, the IFFG logo, If Olympic logo. These are already pre loaded in game. Maybe for the first week of the month, people can submit decals to get “approved” to be added in game. I think this would be a cool solution to custom liverys. It would be interesting to see the different combinations! This would make the sim a little less realistic though. That’s one downfall of the idea. But in general, it would be very cool to do. The combinations of colors, and decals would be almost endless.

This is just a Surface level idea…many more in depth options could be added, like fading effects, etc.

Cheers guys!


And then you will get all kinds of “disturbing” liverys…


How? How are colors disturbing?

Another option is only the person flying could see the livery…but that’s boring.

If you are talking about haveing 200 colors of a plane disturbing…I don’t disagree with you, that’s why I mentioned it as “less realistic”

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my bad, I read the post too fast whoops

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I agree!will be amazing this!

This is a simulator, not a game.


@Carson can you close this? I don’t like this; I found some big flaws.

Edit: nevermind

Although I feel like this will get negative response…it makes me feel like this is a “game” like @dush19 said

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I don’t see how this is a solution instead of custom liveries to be honest, it basically sounds like one way of implementing it. I don’t see it happening this way anytime soon though.

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Custom liveries are stupid. Someone will end up making a BA A321 with Comic Sans lettering. Eugh.


I think it would be cool to submit decals monthly in addition to this you might have to change the layout of the aircraft selection screen maybe with drop down selections for manufacturer and aircraft type then after you could search for a livery you want (by airline).
Not so sure about the colours it sounds so crude in my mind i can just imagine it looking like a 5 year old doing kids finger paints.
Submitting decals for approval makes sense though. :p

A good compromise would be to allow it only in solo mode


Don’t. In solo mode never.

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While I’m open to ideas, (and honestly, this is creative :) ) I don’t think this is a good way of adding liveries. My favorite thing about Infinite Flight is that there are tons of actual liveries that look great on the planes. Let’s leave it to the devs, since they’ve done such a good job. I feel like we would have a bunch of unrealistic liveries that look out of place on IF.

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That’s what I was thinking when I asked for the post to be closed. Oh well lol

Thomas, we don’t just close topics because you’re not a fan of the idea.

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It’s my topic. I found some problems with it. I can’t delete it myself…#discourseprobz

So, let me get this straight. You basically want a digital airplane sticker book? SMH

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Yes it’s your topic, doesn’t mean you call when it gets closed.