An idea for an FNF event

Mark should make an anniversary event in KHAF because its Live birthday this fall august.


Great idea. It should be like flying between KHAF and KSFO like back in the good ol’ days.

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This is an amazing idea. I remember that day when I could finally enter KSFO ;)

I was thinking VHHH.


That would be incredible. I remember 2 years ago flying around KHAF and KSFO. The memories.

That was the best feeling. Finally being able to land a SFO. Good times.

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What do you mean it’s “live B-Day”?

Infanate floght ive’s birthday.

Hm this is a good idea


I remember my first flight on live, taking off from KHAF and quickly getting airspace violations from SFO. I avoided that area and flew 17CL-KHAF over and over in C-172 and 208 until I had high enough standing to make the KHAF-SFO hop.

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I racked up a good 40 violations because at first I didn’t understand the violations.


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