An idea for an event

So uhh I was thinking about making a group flight event as soon as i reach tl2 so around late March or early April. I narrowed down two good routes but I can’t seem to pick one so I want you guys to decide…

  • KDEN to KSLC
  • KLAX to KLAS

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So first of all you should fix the poll and second of all I would do kden to Salt Lake City

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I fixed it

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You don’t need to wait till TL2. All IFC users can create a topic in #live:groupflights - just make sure that the flight departure/spawn time is within three hours of you posting the group flight!

If you want to create an event in #live:events that’s when you’ll have to wait till you’re TL2.

You can read more about the #live:groupflights guidelines here:


Yeah, I got your point but actually I am going to have an event (events can also be groupflights) @captainsooraj

Personally these are too short for me, but I’ll vote KDEN - KSLC.

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It’s ok, I actually like the shortness it is much better than a 3hour flight and it’s also quite like the fnf’s

Oh my god… so many votes
Thank you all for the support

I am closing votes now

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