An Idea for a Global Event

This is just an idea I had while thinking for an event when global comes out. I thought it would be a cool opportunity to test out the new scenery in some of the nicest terrain in the world!

Route: KDEN - KLAS, following the Colorodo River, with stops in Grand Junction Regional, Canyonland Fields, Page Municipal, and Grand Canyon National Park. All of these airports can handle small jets. EDIT: Eagle County was removed from the list of stops

Aircraft: GA
Edit: GA confirmed, small jets not as practical + poll suggests people would enjoy GA more

Map of what this would look like:

Comments are welcome!

  • Yes, I would want to participate in this event!
  • No, I would not want to participate.

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  • GA Aircraft
  • Small Jets

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I like the idea. I say GA, making it a voyage down south. Fly low thorough the mountains and over the river. I may say cut down on stops, like cut out KEGE. KDEN-KCNY is only an hour anyways.

Also cool because I am redoing this airport and have flown out of it IRL.


The #live:events is for actual events, not planning.

Also really there’s no point in this, just make the event (when global comes out), you can put polls in the event thread.


Thank you for fixing the category.

As for the purpose, I had to share it because I really liked the idea, and i also wanted feedback.


It’s a good idea, but there’s really no point in feedback for events. Just make the event and see how it goes, remember you can tweak it.

Although the wait for global is still a way to go :(


Nice route! I will deffinetly do it with Cirrus!.. within the event or alone, but I’ll do it, thanks for the idea!


Haha, this topic that you have previously published just got me even more anxious for the official global update release!


I removed Eagle County. I also look forward to trying out your airport!

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Would be lovely to fly the C208 for this route!


This sounds like a good idea!


Great idea, I would love to be a part of this.

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I also decided on GA for the event. I realized that since we would be doing our flight at around 10,000 feet, a small jet would have a higher GS, which would make it harder to enjoy the scenery. And GA will be slower, but not too slow because of the higher altitude, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the terrain and snap some photos.


Cool idea, would love to be part of it.

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