An Icelandic Connection

I was looking through my photos from my trip to Iceland, and saw this one I took while leaving, of an Icelandair 757-200, nicknamed “Eldborg,” for the volcanic crater in Iceland’s geographic center. When I went into Infinite Flight this morning, looking for the Ghana Airways 757, I passed the Icelandair 757, and what do you know, its Eldborg, the one I saw on my trip!
I attached the picture of the real plane (one zoomed in on the registration) and a screenshot of Eldborg in Infinite Flight.

Pro tip: When in Iceland, try renting from the Avis at Keflavik Airport. They’re literally right beside the stands, and perfect for plane spotting. That’s where I go the picture from.

Eldborg sitting at the stand in Infinite Flight

TF-FIN (Eldborg) zoomed in on the registration

Full view of the 757, with a rainbow coming right out of the tail.

Just thought I’d share this fun little connection I found!


If memory serves, this plane was being loaded for a flight to Berlin, Germany.

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I almost thought you posted in the wrong category!


Nope! I figured that, since it has something to do with real world aviation, it should belong in the #real-world-aviation category. Besides, during approval, it would have been changed/denied if it didn’t belong.

Well I looked at the first screenshot, which was from IF

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I have been summoned


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