An Icelandair Trip Report; Amsterdam to Reykjavík to Copenhagen [FI501 & FI204]


This is my second-ever trip report, and it will be Part 2 of 3, as I am flying a 9-day trip. This trip report will consist of 2 different flights which were [supposed to be] with Icelandair! Flying TF-ISN, a
Boeing 767-319(ER) in the normal Icelandair colors from Amsterdam to Reykjavík and CS-TKR, EuroAtlantic Airways Boeing 767-36N(ER) from Reykjavík to Copenhagen.

My first flight’s journey began on April 22, 2019, in the Terminal (2?) at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. We were booked to fly in Economy Class for both the flights since they were only 3 hours and that’s how it remained. The second flight was on April 25, 2019, at Keflavik Airport in Iceland!

Ground Experience – 9/10

We arrived at the airport around 4 hours early and had a very pleasant check-in experience. Although we weren’t able to access any lounges, the airport was quite nice itself with many things to do such as visit the observation deck. The counter was open and we were able to check our bags in for free, an option costing us $47 to do online!

Once through security, we began our walk towards the gate which we’d thought it’d depart from seeing as our flight hadn’t arrived yet. I did some plane spotting at the airport but there was nothing too extraordinary besides an Easyjet A20N arriving from Manchester (if you consider that not normal.)
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any really good pictures in the terminal, but I was able to see some aircraft from my seat.

A Delta 763 preparing for departure to New York

On my second flight, I was able to see all of Icelandair’s special liveries, from Hekla Aurora to the normal Icelandair livery without the (blue) bottom, I saw it all! The best part of my ground experience on the second trip though was seeing Svörtuborgir, the 763 I had flown on previously, parked next to my aircraft!

3 Icelandair aircraft at Keflavik including the Hekla Aurora 752!

The Cabin & Seat – 9/10

Once boarding had begun, I noticed it was different than what I’d experienced when flying in the United States. Instead of calling groups or having Business Class board first, they had row numbers called. They began at the back of the plane and made their way forward, calling 10 rows at a time.

The configuration onboard this specific aircraft (TF-ISN) was 2-3-2, which was nice compared to the second aircraft. There was plenty of extra legroom and had a T.V. which is always a plus in Economy seeing as airlines are now removing them. The screens were extremely responsive, and it was very simple to control the T.V. The WiFi worked onboard for most of the time and cost around $7 for the entire flight.

The Economy Class Cabin Onboard Icelandair’s 763; Credits

The second flight however, was with EuroAtlantic! We only found out just before boarding as our aircraft awaited our arrival at a remote gate. We quickly boarded and departed right on time, with a slightly long taxi to the runway. There were T.V. screens onboard this aircraft too, but the configuration was 2-4-2, cramming in 1 more seat abreast than Icelandair.

Boarding EuroAtlantic’s 763

Food & Beverage Service – 5/10

Both aircraft fell short in terms of beverage service, granted it was only a 3-hour flight both ways. In both flights, the service started around 1 hour 30 minutes after departure, although that was most likely their intentions as there is usually a service 90 minutes prior to landing. There isn’t too much to talk about here, but the pursuer did give me 2 drinks!

Shortly After Taking This Picture, We Hit Some Turbulence and I spilled all of my Apple Juice – Oof

Final Thoughts

It certainly was a nice experience onboard 2 (different? kind of?) airlines and a plus, I flew to Reykjavík, Iceland! While the service was not too good, the seat (and my window view!) definitely made up for it. With that, I give the flight a 23/30 (if my Math is correct) 😂

My View from My Seat for the Second Flight


And a Bonus Picture of Iceland Because it’s so Amazing


WoW Iceland looks awesome!

Nice trip report. I like to read it :)


Wow,Really nice.
How did you like being in a remote place like Iceland.Not many get that opportunity.
Nice report

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Iceland was great! I recommend you visit if you ever have the chance (besides the -15 degree weather I experienced when on a glacier!)


That looked like some fun! Wish I was flying somewhere right now!


I still have 1 flight left on my trip which I am grateful for although it is with Scandinavian this Sunday (fingers crossed!)


Cool Trip Report! Iceland is just beautiful. Is that a KLM F70 in the background of the first picture? What was that doing there? KLM retired all the Fokkers already!? Good luck with flying SAS.

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Yes that is a KLM Fokker 70! They have one on the roof of the airport and still have the hangar there at Schipol. I believe they were retired on October 28, 2017 sadly.

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Oh ok interesting. Thank you for the information.

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What was wrong with the cabin/seat that didn’t deserve a 10/10?

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The seat was good in general, but it was not very comfortable to me. It also was quite tight width-wise but there was plenty of legroom. If someone I didn’t know was sitting next to me, I’d feel pretty awkward as I was extremely close to my dad. This was only on the EuroAtlantic flight though as it had 8 seats abreast compared to 7 on the Icelandair flight.

It’s not too big of a thing though for some people.

And the fact that Icelandair has 1 big economy cabin, so for each flight attendant to get to a seat, it took lots of time and they only finished service around 40-50 minutes before landing although they started 1 hour 30 minutes prior to arrival.


Beautiful😃 very well written.

I was also at that waterfall

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The waterfall is very famous and is in an area known as the Golden Circle I believe 😁

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I remember going to Iceland in the winter…it was lit 🔥🔥🔥


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